Premium class apartment for rent by owner in Kiev

Apartment and building characteristics

2-rooms apartment for rent.

Fresh building (built in 2012).
Passanger and heavy carry lifts. Plastic windows, high-security door, 24/7 conscierge.

5-th floor of a 26 floor brick building.
But the actual heigh of the view is the 10-th floor because the building is built on a high-ground.
Underneath the building there are 5 more floors of parking.

The view is on the court, not to the street.
Total flat surface 105 square meters.
Total "living" surface 51 square meters.
The kitchen is 16 square meters.
All the rooms are separated and isolated.

Construction specifications. Interior. Why choosing our apartment?

Uncommon design of the apartment plan: moving constructions, allowing to model the living room as an open space or isolate the rooms. Folding walls made of burnt glass are closing hermetically. Multiple wall positions are incorporated in a fresh new classy living room design. Everything put together looks great.
The apartment has also a lot of storage place: 7 meters of encrusted shelves covered by glass doors 3 meters high.
Also, there are 8 meters of encrusted shelves with 3 meters high doors made of natural wood.
A special 5 sqare meters garderobe with a small working area has additionnal 7 meters of shelves built from the floor to the ceiling.
A 5 sq. meters loggia is also available. It is separated by 4m*3m plastic windows from the living room.
The loggia of the bedroom is 3 sqare meters.
There are 2 bathrooms (8 sq.m. with a bath and a 4 sq.m. with a shower).
Shecial lights are installed all around the apartment (spots, crystal chandelier).
Kitchen tabletop's lenght is 5 meters.
Only high quality materials are being used as well as new technologies which provide very cozy interior.
The apartment has 3 air conditionners, 2 boilers (for hot water).
All saniteries are imported. The floors are covered with marble and spanish tiles. The household appliances (fridge, laundry mashine, dishwashing machine, stove, etc.) are all imported..
Oak flooring. The doors are made of organic wood and are stained.
The apartment is furnished (including an 1,8 m length orthopedic twin sized bed). There is also a LED TV, cable TV, WIFI internet..


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